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MSc in Management in Construction

MSc in Management in Construction programme of Kingston University London, is suitable for anyone with a background in the built environment who wants to progress into the management of projects, whether with a contractor, client or a consultancy. It combines the study of industry techniques with advanced construction management of projects. The course will develop and enhance your professional, analytical and managerial skills as well as improving your technical and transferable skills, and enable you to successfully advance your career. This course is ideal for graduate construction managers, civil/structural engineers and surveyors starting their career in the construction industry.

You will gain an extensive knowledge of the legal and contractual systems relevant to the construction industry. You will also study how design and construction work is priced and how these prices are used to control the costs for the firms involved. You will analyse the systems that control the quality and safety of construction projects, and will gain a greater understanding of the relationships between the various contributing parties. This course provides a strategic overview of construction management issues as well as a deep and broad knowledge of advanced project management techniques.

  • An honors degree in civil engineering or equivalent in related disciplines (architecture, surveying,
    building, and construction) with minimum of 2nd class lower division and / or suitable industry
  • Language proficiency, minimum a Credit Pass for G.C.E O/L English

Please note: Each application is assessed on an individual basis and may be subjected to have
additional requirements, such as undertaking short course(s), work experience and/or English
language qualification(s). Meeting particular minimum entry requirements does not automatically
guarantee a place.

    • CE7012 -Legal Obligations and Conditions of Contract

This level 7 module develops an understanding and application of law and conditions of contract examining the duties, powers and liabilities of those involved in construction projects. The analysis of common events that occur utilizing relevant law is essential to construction professionals and managers. Criminal, contract and tort law are covered to develop the students’ knowledge of the legal system and developed in application to standard construction and contracts in use including design and build forms. It examines the legal and contractual principles that senior management/professionals will utilise in practice to assist in analysing and deciding upon contract procedures, entering into contract and the process of working with the conditions of contract in their field by application of legal precedent.

    • CE7011 -Management of Project Risk, Quality and Safety

This level 7 module starts with a general introduction into the management of projects, and then goes more deeply into the technical aspects of project management techniques and project risk. Risk analysis and the identification and mitigation of risk events are dealt with in a construction project context, including human aspects. It covers many aspects of health and safety legislation and practice, starting from the history of health and safety in the UK, the Health and Safety at Work Act, risk assessment, and covers major sets of regulations that impact on construction work. The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations are dealt with in depth, as this is a key piece of statutory legislation that relates to the construction industry. Good practice and the importance of advice and guidance are emphasised. Quality management is dealt with in relation to the requirements of the latest edition of ISO9000, and the process leading to registration under this standard. Modern Practices in quality and the use of various quality management techniques are covered.

    • CE7016-Dissertation

The overall aim of the module is to allow the student to develop research skills and gain an appreciation of a subject area of the students own choosing. In undertaking thework that is required they will be able to demonstrate knowledge and competence in reviewing existing published literature and data and through the use of their own efforts apply one or more of a range of research methods to collect and analyse data and draw well-founded conclusions as a result of their research. The module allows the student to study an area of interest in significant depth and allows the student to demonstrate a clear understanding of what has been learnt through a variety of means; a literature review, a research proposal, an oral presentation and a substantial dissertation.

    • CE7013 – Estimating, Tendering and Procurement

This level 7 module concentrates on the way the construction product is priced and paid for and gives an understanding of the roles that the client/employer, the main contractors, and the professional service consultants have in relation to the procurement of construction works. It examines the processes undertaken at senior management level in terms of the estimating and tendering decisions that need to be taken by contractors during the bidding process. It analyses in detail the strategic decision making rationale that needs to be undertaken in making a decision to tender a bid and the process of turning an estimate into a tender submission.

    • CI7600 – Business in Practice

This postgraduate module covers the theory and practice of the business and management needs of students from different academic contexts who are aspiring team leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs in business within the context of the commercial, public, voluntary, or academic sector.

  • Offered by Kingston University London, which is recognized by UGC – Sri Lanka.
  • Highly qualified and experienced lecturer panel.
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Cutting edge curriculum catering to industry demand
  • Be competitive in the job market
  • Friendly and supportive learning environment