Diploma in English

The Diploma level is suitable for students who already possessed the English language skills at foundation level. The course serves to further enhance the language skills of the student’s knowledge in terms of speaking, vocabulary, writing, reading and listening.

Learning outcomes :

  • Respond to questions about themselves and their lives
  • Understand conversations, understand English spoken by native speakers at slower than normal speed
  • Read and understand articles and public notices
  • Speak clearly but slowly so that others understand them
  • Write letter length compositions with few errors in grammar
  • Converse with confidence
  • Use a wider range of vocabulary in written and spoken English

  You are eligible to apply for this programme if you have any of the following qualifications

  • Students with a very basic knowledge in English

Training mode :

The students including adult students are motivated to participate in all class activities as an individual. The dialogues, debates and other audio-visual techniques together with multimedia presentations and negotiating skills are among the list of interesting initiatives to enhance the teaching learning process. All classroom sessions for all courses adopts a multi-media approach, including audio, video, and interactive teaching approaches such as role plays, group discussions, presentations and practical. Tongue twisters, language games, songs and a lot more interesting sessions are done in the classroom in order to practice the language.

Assessment Method :

Written paper, Oral exam, Final Project, Presentation

Certification :

ESOFT and Pearson

Duration :

  • 60 hours
  • Weekdays- 4 months (4 hours each session)
  • Weekends- 5 months (3 hours each session)

Classes are held in mornings and evening – weekdays / weekends. Classes could be arranged upon the request of the group of students at any convenient time.

Course Fee :



Rs.6,000 + 4,500 x 3


  • Parts of Speech
  • Present Simple Tense
  • Present Continuous
  • Simple Past Tense
  • Past continuous Tense
  • Future Tense
  • Present Perfect Tense
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Prepositions

Speaking Module

Talking to someone on the phone, at a restaurant, at an interview and 10 more interesting Speaking modules

Vocabulary module

Listening module

Presentational skills

Batch Schedule

Batch Number Batch Description Commencement Date Day(s) Starts at Ends at Details