Masters in Business Administration (London Met – UK)

The MBA is probably the most internationally recognized and valued academic award in today’s business world. In many organizations, it has become an essential qualification for those intending to reach senior management positions. This course is designed for graduates who wish to acquire a strong background in business and professional development on an intensive 18-month course.

Studying for an MBA at London Metropolitan University enables you to gain an in-depth understanding of senior management issues and helps you develop the skills, techniques and awareness necessary to become a manager and leader in contemporary business and society.

Our MBA programs enable you to inter-relate theory with practice and to develop an incisive strategic outlook for real life management situations. The programs are highly interactive, enabling you to build upon your experiences and openly share your knowledge and ideas with your peer group. Studying for a full-time MBA enables you to focus in great detail, in one year, on business management. Job prospects in all areas of business after an MBA are good, and many employers value the dynamic outlook and originality of thought provided by MBA graduates.

You are eligible to apply for this programme if you have any of the following qualifications

  • Graduates who have completed a degree or professional qualification with two years of managerial experience or experienced entrepreneurs and individuals holding senior management positions

Duration :

18 Months

Standard Fee :

Rs.320,000 + University Fee

Installment plans available

Syllabus :

Semester 1

MN7121ES Fundamentals of Mgt and leadership

  • This module  will introduce course members to the theory of the contribution of managers and leaders  in organisations and to prepare them for an organisational leadership role.  key features of the module are an emphasis on effectiveness in role together with doing this in a socially responsible manner.  The issue of ethical and responsible management is an important element of the course and this module embeds this focus at an early stage.

MN7123ES Creating and Managing Resources For Value

  • Located in the context of globalisation and rapid external change this module critically explores and examines the ways in which managers seek to position organisations in ways in which that can optimise value-creation and value-creating activities and to do so in a socially responsible manner.  The module exploresthe functions of the business, how these contribute to value creation and how management seeks to integrate the functions of the business such as procurement, distribution, marketing, operations and finance.

Semester 2

MN7124ES Developing Organisational Capabilities

  • This integrated, multi-disciplinary module is focused on outcomes, drawing upon organisation theory, finance, marketing, operations, corporate governance, innovation and CSR it blends a variety of perspectives to provide insights into the nature, analysis and development of organisational capabilities.  At its heart is the notion that all organisations are a collection of resources and it is how these are combined and developed that is central to the ability of organisations to compete and therefore to their longer-term success.

MN7127ES Change Management and Consultancy

  • This module provides the academic theory and practice to enable students to manage the processes of organisational change and develop consultancy skills effectively.

Semester 3

MN7131ES Advances in Strategy

  • The module is designed to have a firm academic base and to provide conceptual tools for the effective functioning of the strategic manager. The module focuses on four areas,
    1.  The development of strategic thought
    2. The role of ideas and creativity in strategic management
    3. The analysis and implementation of strategy
    4. Future developments in strategic thought

    The module will contain a strong experiential learning component.

MN7P35ES Business Consultancy Report

  • This module is an integrative module which seeks to bring together issues/functional areas of the course.  Students will investigate an organisational, or an industrial, issue with the aim of making ethical and socially responsible recommendations for the future of the organisation or industry.
  • UGC Recognised

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